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>...the C.I.A. is in possession of DNA samples from Hussein's son-in-law but 
cautioned, "Intelligence sources suggest that may not be a close enough 
relative to be match."  If that's what the sources are suggesting, they don't 
seem to be too intelligent.  Wouldn't the odds of identical DNA be a little 
better with a blood relative?<
There are a lot of close kin type marriages there.... so, son-in-law may also 
be a blood relative. And, unless one has an identical twin (or other clone), 
it would be HIGHLY unlikely that anyone else would be an "exact match"-- 
they'd be looking for partial matches. How they'll be able to tell if the 
"partial match" is SH, one of his sons, nephews, cousins or some other in-law 
is anybody's guess... probably by wishing hard.....

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