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Wed Apr 9 16:24:24 PDT 2003

I noticed on your Sergiography that you had question marks on some items of 
which i do have so here goes hoping to fill those holes for you:

1)  "Star*Reach Classics #2"/4-84 (Eclipse Comics) -- features reprints of 
Stephanie Starr "In The Light Of Future Days..." and "Newton The Rabbit 

2)  "How To Draw Cartoon"/1982 -- probably is the same as the following: 
"Tips From Top Cartoonists"/8-88 (Eclipse Books) -- inside it says first 
printing 4-82 Donnar Publications and revised second edition 8-88 Eclipse 
Enterprises, Inc. (Sergio is featured on "Draw, Pardner!" pages 2-3 and 
"Gagging" pages 4-5)

3)  The Mighty I (Image) (featuring the Mighty Magnor - there were no issues 
after #3 per Mile High Comics listing)
           #1/May-Jun 95 (On-Going Mini Story) (Sergio & Mark)
           #2/Jul-Aug 95 (On-Going Mini Story) (Valentino)
            #3/Sep-Oct 95 (On-Going Mini Story) (Todd Nauck)

4)  Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #5/1-03 (America's Best Comics) (includes 
"King Solomon Pines" by Moore & Sprouse with writing by Leah Moore and art by 
Sergio Aragones) (actually, I didn't see this on the list so there you are)

Well, I hope this helps and if i get any other stuff and i see you have a 
question mark on them i will let you know - thanks!

Fernando Esparza
West Covina, Calif
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