[Groop]Computer Meltdown!!

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Sun Apr 13 01:44:43 PDT 2003

I recently had one of my computers' hard drive decide to do the same thing.
I used Ontrack's Easy Recovery software and was able to recover all the data
on the drive.
Don't know how valuable your data was but I'd check out some recovery
software before just giving up on the drive.
I guess this all depends on just how bad the drive ended up.
I lent a drive to a friend and he dropped the darn thing on a concrete
floor... there's no recovering THAT data.
The drive will only click-click when booting off it...

Caffeine makes me ramble... I'll stop now.

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Hi Folks!

Well, my computer Grooed.  I've been out of town for a few days and while I
was gone my computer decided it didn't like anything that was on it's hard
drive anymore.  So it's all gone.  As a result, if anyone sent me a private
e-mail in the last few days I didn't get it.  Also if I had your e-mail
address I don't anymore.  And I guess I'll need to resubscribe to the Groop
once my home computer is operational.

Fortunately, I'm subscribed to the Groop at work.  (And they haven't caught
me yet!) That is why I'm at my work computer at 10:00pm on a Saturday.
(That and the fact that The Long Suffering Mrs. G. and my daughter are in
Chicago and all that's waiting for me at home are the dogs and my
mother-in-law.)  btw, I was out of town for work explaining the joys and
wonders of public utility tax-including sewage and other fun stuff-to a
truly frightening group that calls itself the Washington Municipal
Treasurer's Association.  Yes indeed, it's been a Groo few days with a few
more Groo days to come.

So I think I'll go home now and read a couple Groo stories to take my mind
off what a Groo-ish few days it's been and will be.  How's that for Groo

Take care all, Gary "Is being called 'Sewage Brain' and 'Groo Brain' the
same thing?" Grossmann
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