[Groop]Computer Meltdown!!

Azamin azamin7 at pd.jaring.my
Sun Apr 13 22:26:06 PDT 2003

Since I cannot send directly to Gary's work e-mail -
Hi Gary...

"Grossmann, Gary" wrote:

> Well, my computer Grooed.  I've been out of town for a few days and while I
> was gone my computer decided it didn't like anything that was on it's hard
> drive anymore.  So it's all gone.  As a result, if anyone sent me a private
> e-mail in the last few days I didn't get it.  Also if I had your e-mail
> address I don't anymore.  And I guess I'll need to resubscribe to the Groop
> once my home computer is operational.

Actually what happen to your computer...?  Was it struck by lighning? 
Last 2
weeks, My PC was struck by lightning... not directly but it was so near
that my
power supply inside my PC was burn and so the external USB modem too
with my USB ports inside my PC... My processor and other component
the hard disk (data) are still safe... I did change the powersupply and
another internal modem... as replacements.. and voltage regulator to
secure the
electric current into my PC... and in 2 days it's back running and me
on-line... eventhough my USB port is unrepairable...

My advise is if you have somebody who are knowladgable on these kind of
or have a computer repair shop nearby, try to ask their help to look 
really happened to your PC.. It might be
1. your hard disk failure so that it won't boot... but your PC other
are still OK... so you just buy another hard disk and install everything
2.  Your component failure.. maybe memory or power supply or processor
but your hard disk still intact (means all your data is still safe...).
so you
can replace the faulty components or if it's the processor... you can
3.  Your operating system fauly... and it cannot start your computer.. 
components and hard disk is still working... (you don't lose any
data"... so
you can do backup all the data (using other PC at the computer shop) and
reinstall the operating system back...

> Fortunately, I'm subscribed to the Groop at work.  (And they haven't caught
> me yet!) That is why I'm at my work computer at 10:00pm on a Saturday.
> (That and the fact that The Long Suffering Mrs. G. and my daughter are in
> Chicago and all that's waiting for me at home are the dogs and my
> mother-in-law.)  btw, I was out of town for work explaining the joys and
> wonders of public utility tax-including sewage and other fun stuff-to a
> truly frightening group that calls itself the Washington Municipal
> Treasurer's Association.  Yes indeed, it's been a Groo few days with a few
> more Groo days to come.

I believe you still access your olywa.net is still accessable.. try to
your service provider on how to access /download the e-mails from
work... and
check too with your system admin at your place if you can access
e-mail server (some company block their employee to access external
It's because, your e-mail server is at your service provider
(olywa.net), the
one at your PC was the downloaded from this e-mail server.  When you
want to
read your incoming e-mail, it will download it drom the server, so those
that you still not downloaded are still inside the server.... not inside
PC...  I also believe your olywa.net e-mail is still subscribe to the
groop and
still recieving posting to the groop...

Well.. based on your story.. that's what I can advise... maybe you can
more so that I know what might be the problem.. feel free to ask us at
I just feel thet something still can be saved from your PC... so don't
we will help you...


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