[Groop]GROOP Membership Cards

Larry Steller mrgrooism at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 17:57:04 PDT 2003

OK, I haven't heard from Nick Smith in a looong time,
(if you're out there Nick give me a yell) but my last
email directly to him looking for an update was never
answered, so I guess LIFE once again got in the way of
a worthy project.

Therefore, I will be pricing out the production costs
for the GROOP Membership Cards myself, and will
HOPEFULLY be able to start taking orders soon.

Wish me luck!

-Larry "Mr. Grooism" Steller
Mendicant Second Class

NOTE: I will never again buy a BROTHER office product, nor buy anything from MAC WAREHOUSE or their affiliate MICRO WAREHOUSE, they simply do not stand behind their products or services!

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