[Groop]Two Groo's (not original)

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Hey sounds cool!  Like quite a few Groo sightings, they don't make the Groo
List because they are not original, but I need to buy a copy of Wizard
anyway and I'll have to see that movie.  (Maybe Groo will slowly sink into
the American subconcious and then there will be a demand for a cartoon!!!)
-Gary G.  (still working on my home computer.) 

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#1 - is a for sure one. Latest issue of Wizard Magazine. There's a slight 
article about the old Epic line. Beneath which is a picture of Groo.

#2 - this one is scratchy at best :) The movie is Chasing Amy. (Kevin
Smith flick). At the total end of the movie, when Ben Affleck is leaving
Joey Lauren Adams, the camera pans out. They're obviously at a small
press type comic convention. A dominant booth was the CBLDF booth. And
the very obvious backdrop on their booth was the large Groo print :) Like 
I said, it's a sketchy sighting at best... but it is one none-the-less.

And I was also very happy to notice M.E.s second book is coming out soon! 
I saw the advert in the latest Previews.

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