[Groop]Chunning Jury Duty

Groosagi16 at cs.com Groosagi16 at cs.com
Wed Apr 16 12:35:39 PDT 2003

Sorry.  Just got off jury duty, and I feel drained wasted and used.  Hence my 
ire, and resultant censored invective, above.

I still haven't gotten over Mailstorm, and am always a little terrified when 
I stay away from this mailbox too long.  As it turns out nothing to fear.  

I'm sure all of you were wondering why there was no Groosagi flashes in the 
past recent : ), and there ya go.  No here I go.



p.s. Chet might inquire after *jeep...

p.p.s.  Groosagi, glorious Groosagi.  I'm anxious to see some...
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