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Hmm.  My guess is it's for "The Death of Groo," but I'm not sure.  I'll have
to look at some stuff when I get home.  The things that came out in 1987,
according to my records, were that GN and the CBLDF T-shirt and the price is
wrong for the t-shirt. The minis came out the year before and the mass
market poster came out the year after.  The price sounds about right for the
second printing of "The Death of Groo," because as I recall the Canadian
price was increased  and that was the only difference from the first
prinitng, but again, I'll have to check that out tonight. -Gary G.    


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  Here is a question for the Groo experts.  I thought I was one myself, but
I'm stymied.
  Over the years I've filled my basement with cases of collectables that are
now almost worthless.  I've been trying to clean up a bit and trash a few
cases each week.  Anyway, I found a sticker from a Groo item in the middle
of my basement floor, and I can't recall which item it's from and I can't
find a possible match from my "GROO" boxes.  Can anyone identify the item
that belongs to this sticker?
  It's a round sticker, about the size of a half-dollar (if anyone is old
enough to remember those).  It says:
"#51 Groo the Wanderer (TM) $4.95/$6.50 CAN Copyright (c) 1987 Marvel
Entertainment Group, Inc.  All characters and their distinctive likenesses
are trademarks of the Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.  A New World Company"
  If I knew what I was looking for, maybe I'd remember which box it's in.
Thanks for any help!

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