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Mon Apr 21 08:37:09 PDT 2003

Hi Folks!

Yeah, I was finally able to look at my copies of The Death of Groo and the
prices don't fit Gene's sticker.  I can't figure what it came from.  -Gary

PS  I'm trying to get my home computer working right.  I finally got Windows
98 reinstalled and now I am trying figure out how to find and download
Internet explorer upgrade. I try to just follow instructions but, well...I
am me afterall.  

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  The tag is not from my copy of Death of Groo.  I have the Epic issue at
$5.95 US, $6.95 CAN.  I went through my entire collection, and nothing seems
to be a match.  I have the Epic and Graphitti issues of Life of Groo, and
the prices don't match either.
  The only remote possibility I can come up with is the Groo miniatures.
But, the "#51" makes no sense in relation to them.
Oh well, maybe the sticker came in on a stranger's foot!  The termite
Thanks for your help.
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> Gary,
>   Thanks for your help.  I've got to get that sticker back to the Death of
> Groo wrapper!
>   How did I do with my "jeep" answer?
> Gene
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> > Gene,
> >
> > I forgot to look at my Death of Groo last night.  But the #51 could very
> > well be the number Marvel gave to the book.  I think they numbered their
> > graphic novels.
> >
> > Oh, and there was never a series of Groo stickers.  Chet's being silly.
> (Yay
> > for Chet!)  But there have been 2 stickers.  There is the CBLDF sticker
> that
> > has the "Groo and the Thought Patrol" art and then there was a "Did I
> Err?"
> > sticker from around 1994 that was never for sale, but which Sergio would
> > give out or send to folks.
> >
> >
>> >
> >
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> > Subject: RE: [Groop]Groo Trivia Question
> >
> >
> > > Hmm.  My guess is it's for "The Death of Groo," but I'm not sure.
> > have
> > > to look at some stuff when I get home.  The things that came out in
> 1987,
> > > according to my records, were that GN and the CBLDF T-shirt and the
> price
> > is
> > > wrong for the t-shirt. The minis came out the year before and the mass
> > > market poster came out the year after.  The price sounds about right
> > the
> > > second printing of "The Death of Groo," because as I recall the
> > > price was increased  and that was the only difference from the first
> > > prinitng, but again, I'll have to check that out tonight. -Gary G.
> > >
> >

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