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  It's a professionally produced product-type sticker.  The glue side is
dried, so it obviously fell off of something, but it really has me stymied
because I didn't do much collection shuffling recently.  I just moved some
boxes to get rid of a lot of old books.  Then I found it in the middle of
the floor.  I can scan it and send it to you directly.  I may now have to go
through each Groo comic issue and look for Marvel Age.  I just don't
remember seeing stickers on comic book issues.  Thanks for your time.
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> Drum roll please....
> I'm pretty sure it is for Marvel Age #51.
> I have a record in the Sergiography for Marvel Age #49 from April 1986,
> and #61 from April 1988, so I expect the 1987 date is about correct.
>  The thing is, I don't have a record of any Groo / Aragones material in
> Marvel Age #51, but perhaps I haven't seen that issue yet.
> Eugene, is this a home-made sticker (by yourself, or a shop owner), or
> one that would have come with the issue?  It seems like an odd set of
> information to have on a sticker....
> Ruben.
> >  Here is a question for the Groo experts.  I thought I was one myself,
> >I'm stymied.
> >  Over the years I've filled my basement with cases of collectables that
> >now almost worthless.  I've been trying to clean up a bit and trash a few
> >cases each week.  Anyway, I found a sticker from a Groo item in the
> >of my basement floor, and I can't recall which item it's from and I can't
> >find a possible match from my "GROO" boxes.  Can anyone identify the item
> >that belongs to this sticker?
> >  It's a round sticker, about the size of a half-dollar (if anyone is old
> >enough to remember those).  It says:
> >"#51 Groo the Wanderer (TM) $4.95/$6.50 CAN Copyright (c) 1987 Marvel
> >Entertainment Group, Inc.  All characters and their distinctive
> >are trademarks of the Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.  A New World
> >  If I knew what I was looking for, maybe I'd remember which box it's in.
> >Thanks for any help!
> >Gene
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