[Groop] A multitude of replies or suggestions and topics to make this subject line too long

Chet Cox mormonyoyoman at juno.com
Wed Apr 16 22:25:11 PDT 2003

1.  The idea of Groo Groop cards sounds teriffic.  These would be
non-collectable and, I assume, recyled from mulch.

2.  Who is this chap who doesn't know what "jeep!" signifies?  It's
obviously not Eugene.

3.  The sticker which Gene found which says "#51 Groo the Wanderer (TM)
$4.95/$6.50 CAN Copyright (c) 1987 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.  All
characters and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of the Marvel
Entertainment Group, Inc.  A New World Company" is #51 in a limited print
of 50 stickers published by Marvel back when they were a New World
Company (as opposed to the Same Old Thing Company?).  The stickers listed
for $4.95 each, unless you got the REALLY limited edition which came in
an aluminum can.  In that case, you had to pay $6.50.  It undoubtedly
came as a surprise to Sergio that Marvel Entertainment owned all the Groo
characters which appeared on those stickers, but that's the truth or
Marvel couldn't have printed that statement right on the sticker.  By
that same logic, DC owns the name "Jack Kirby," which bears no
resemblence to living or deceased persons.  Said so, right on the indica
of every issue of *Jack Kirby's Fourth World* funnybooks.

4.  There's an Italian restaurant just off Iliff & Blackhawk in Aurora,
CO, which has a special on a groosagi platter every Tuesday night.


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