[Groop]New Groo stuff

Chris Schechner chschechner at ev1.net
Tue Apr 29 12:20:14 PDT 2003

>On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 09:18  AM, Groosagi16 at cs.com wrote:
>>Y este pobre Grooper (o quisas es Groopie-eh, no importa) no sabe 
>>que en realidad va ha ver trece episodios en la serie.  Oy, como se 
>>van a reir con la ultima historieta cuando Groosagi hace su gran 
>>entrada.  Me hecho de carcajadas simplemente pensandolo.
>As translated by Sherlock 3.5.2:
>And this Grooper poor man (or quisas it is Groopie-eh, does not
>matter) does not know that in fact she goes has to see thirteen
>episodes in the series.  Oy, as they are going away to reir with
>completes comic strip when Groosagi makes its great entrance.  Me fact
>of outbursts of laughter simply thinking it.

That makes as much sense to me as the Spanish, which is basically, nada!

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