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Tue Apr 29 19:35:18 PDT 2003

To all of my family, friends and art fans...

I'd like to announce that I've finally made my official mark in the comic
book industry!!!

Yes, after all of these years of drawing comic books... I can now say that
I'm part of an independent comic book series and publisher!!!

The book name is called "Bean's Song" and is published by Bean Leaf Press
out of California.

Roughly three months ago, while I was right in the middle of illustrating my
own graphic novel... I was hired on by the Bean crew as an inker of the book

The first book is now availiable on the web!

Here's the official Bean Leaf Press release...

Bean fans rejoice!!!

Whether or not this is your first time in discovering the intriguing world
of the Bean or have been a die-hard fan of the web comic for the last two
and a half years... all Bean fans can now unite and rejoice!

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Bean comic book has finally arrived!
That's right! A big celebration is in order as Team Bean (Travis Hanson and
the Bean Leaf Press crew) launches the first book in an ongoing series!

Bean's Song #1!!! How cool is that?!

Go to http://www.beanssong.com to get your copy today!

So pull up a seat, relax by the fire, enjoy some freshly made roast stew,
have an ale or two and be entertained by the 24 pages of the very first
Bean's Song book!  

You'll get to follow the Bean, as he lives out his sheltered life within the
walls of the ogre owned Silver Dagger Inn, found in the heart of the forest
of Darkleaf. Experience Bean's daily routine of dirty kitchen chores, hungry
Silver Dagger patrons and the overbearing work ethics of the Inn's owner
Gort! Seriously, what else could happen to such a smooth typical day?!

Brought to you exclusively from Bean Leaf Press... Bean's Song #1
http://www.beanssong.com/mainstore.html Order your copy today!

Thanks for staying with us and believing!

- Bean Leaf Press Crew

The website just has alot of basics right now. More stuff will be updated
very shortly and then once a week thereafter.

Anyway, there you have it.  :D

The book will officially hit store shelves later on this year (to be
announced) through several distributors.

Our official debut and book release will be at the San Diego Comic Con on
July 17th - 20th where we will officially become "professionals" in the
comic book industry!

I'd like to thank everyone who has believed, encouraged and supported me
throughout the many years of chasing my crazy dream! Thank you all!!!


Derek "Hendercrazy" Henderson 
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