[Groop]The Incredible Bouncing Boy (was "New GROOpie")

E C mightyhero@mail.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 08:36:52 +0100

Hi guys/grrls!

Groosagi wrote:
>Anyhow again, whilst I bounced the past few weeks,
>I missed numbers 1 through 12.  Can anyone get
>that list resent for poor I?  I am slow of mind.

  Elie wrote:
  >> Hey man, welcome to the Groop.  Before you can
  >> truly call yourself a member, you must have a
  >> firm, unwavering stance on the following topics:
  >> 1. Are you a GROOpie or a GROOper?
  >> 2. Your personal definition of "OT" standing for
  >>    "on topic" or "off topic"
  >> 3. What do you mean, "slow of mind?"
  >> 4. What are your feelings on Mark finally getting
  >>    paid by Sergio?
  >> 5. What is mulch?
  >> ...Help me out fellow Groopies/Groopers...did I
  >> miss anything?

  Larry wrote:
  >> 6. Please make your typos funny. (Dognuts, snicker,
  >>    snicker)
  >> 7. Try to post a message in the Groo Chatless
  >>    Chatroom when no one else is there (which is
  >>    frankly ANYTIME).
  >> 8. Post pointless messages and responses.
  >> 9. Occasionally double post responses.
  >>10. Occasionally double post responses.
  >>11. What Pirates?

There is no number 12.

See you.


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