[Groop]Aaargh 100 mails late!

Chris Schechner chschechner@ev1.net
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 11:13:37 -0600

Hey Philippe, do you want one of those membership cards?

>Aargh! I'm missing all the fun about the Groop membership cards!
>I guess I'll catch up on my groop email in a month or so, so let
>me just had the following information, in case any of it might be
>  * I want a Groop membership card
>  * at any price :)
>  * I am a Groopie (you can pronounce Groo-pie, as in apple pie, if
>    that reminds you of music fans you dislike)
>  * I joined the groop somewhen in 1996, but I don't remember the
>    details
>  * I'm sorry to disturb all the agitation here, but i don't want
>    to miss my chance to have a genuine Groop membership card
>  * I live in France
>  * I want a Groop membership card
>Did I make any sense regarding all the emails I have not read yet?
>(Sorry for the annoyance I make of myself)
>(did I say I wanted one of those great groo membership cards?)
>I am reading email dating back to Jan 17, wait for me! You're too
>quick for my pace!
>  Philippe "BooK" Bruhat
>  What everyone wants, nobody gets, What nobody gets, everybody wants.
>                                     (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #47 (Epic))