[Groop]Report from Motor City Comic Con - Day 1

MisterElie at aol.com MisterElie at aol.com
Sat May 17 01:23:59 PDT 2003

Had a good time at the Novie Expo today.  Lots of dealers, artists, 
celebrities, and good times to be had for everyone there.  And I don't think 
I've ever seen so many female attendees at any con before (my wife says it is 
probably because Lorenzo Lamas is one of the guests....but she tells me she 
isn't even remotely attracted to him).

If anyone is in the area and deciding whether or not to go, I strongly 
suggest you make an effort to make it there this year.  Practically every 
dealer is holding a sale and willing to bargain and negotiate a lot more than 
they have in previous seasons.  There was one dealer in particular that I 
remember from last May who said all prices were firm.  This time around all I 
had to do was look at something and he gave me a price, and if I didn't like 
it he said he'd see what he could do.   I attribute this to the current 
economy, but if you have the money to spend on stuff (which, unfortunately, 
we do not!), the majority of dealers are willing to make really good deals on 
their stuff...and that was on day 1!  And of course, Janet and I have been 
looking for the Groo trading cards for about three years now.  We finally got 
them thanks to ME, Josh and thier offer to the Groop...and wouldn't you know 
it, we spotted a set for sale at the con today.  Somehow I knew that was 
going to happen.

Met with Al Feldstein again, always a really nice guy.  Also got to talk with 
a real astronaut.  Didn't have time to meet with Soupy Sales today.  Maybe on 
Sunday.  Funny thing happened, though.  While I was walking through the 
celebrity area, I bumped into Noel Neill (the original Lois Lane) while she 
was "checking out" Traci Lords (I swear those were her exact words!)  Ms. 
Neill is a really nice lady, still very energetic and personable.

As we walked past a couple of the artists, one of them noticed my Groo 
T-Shirt and said he saw Sergio only a month ago.  He remarked it is amazing 
Sergio seems to get younger and younger every time this guy sees him.  I 
guess that means when Sergio hits 100 he'll pass for 18 again.  

That's all for today.  Can't be there on Saturday, so I hope someone else 
will tell me how it goes.  Looking forward to going back on Sunday!

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