[Groop]Report from Motor City Comic Con - Groo Addendum

MisterElie at aol.com MisterElie at aol.com
Sat May 17 01:40:19 PDT 2003

Something just occurred to me......

I've been to about half a dozen comic cons since 2000.  At every one, both 
Janet and I have worn a Groo T-shirt at least one of the days.  And every day 
I always wear some kind of comics-related attire.  Aside from a Groo & 
Rufferto and a Groo 20th Ann. shirt, I've also got a con wardrobe consisting 
of Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, and other shirts.  Janet has a 
Wonder Woman, Vampirella, and a Daily Planet staff shirt along with the same 
Groo shirts I have.  Yet for some reason, no one ever comments about any 
non-Groo shirt we wear.  But every time we wear a Groo shirt to a con, 
there's at least one person who asks about Groo, or has something positive to 
say about Groo, or tells us an acecdote about either Sergio or Mark.

I bring this up becuase it has happened at every con I've attended since my 
first one in 2000.  No one ever notices us when we wear any shirts except 
Groo.  We blend in perfectly when not wearing Groo -- or as perfectly as 
anyone can blend in when they're in a room surrounded by Imperial 
stormtroopers, Klingons, and the occasional Wookie.

Can someone explain this phenomenon?  If not, can someone NAME this 
phenomenon?  Does anyone else have similar experiences?

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