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Here ya go, Ruben! some updates, corrections and stuff that I have in my 
collection for your Sergiography:

 1)  Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide (8-01/Lucas Books/Del Rey)

 2)  Fanny Hillman - Memoirs Of A Jewish Madam (1965/Kanrom, Inc.) -- (note: 
there were at least 2 or 3 sequels to this title - I am about to receive two 
of them and I'll advise about them and the 3rd one i'm not too sure about and 
here they are: Fanny Hillman In Washington (1965/Kanron, Inc.) and Fanny 
Hillman On Campus (1966/ Kanron, Inc.) - this other one called "Fanny Hillman Goes 
Ape" from Amazon I'm not too sure about yet)

 3)  The World's Best Dirty Limericks by David M. aka David Miller 

 4)  The Fires Of Pele (1986/Pictorial Legends/The Event Company)

 5)  Binky's Buddies #8 (4-70/DC) (Mar-Apr 70)

 6)  House Of Mystery #178 (2-69/DC) (Jan-Feb 69)

 7)  House Of Mystery #251 - this one has that one page Plop! diploma you 

 8)  DC Special #11 - Beware...The Monsters Are Here! (4-71/DC) -- Sergio 
does the intro and outro and pg.31 has a full page Cain welcome splash

 9)  House Of Secrets #100 (9-72/DC) (vol.15, no.100)

10)  Forbidden Tales Of Dark Mansion #12 (9-73/DC) (vol.13, no.12) (Aug-Sep 
73) - one page "Witch's Tales"

11)  Plop! #23 -- does feature some Sergio illustrations scattered but cud be 
previously used illustrations

12)  Tales Of Ghost Castle #1 - dont have it yet but its on its way to me - 
i'll advise

13)  Jonah Hex And Other Western Tales #2 - dont have it yet but shud be on 
its way to me - i'll advise

14)  Space Beaver #9 (8-88/Ten Buck Comics) -- Sergio does his version of 
Space Beaver about to be sliced up by Groo - a full pager

15)  Strip Aids USA -- actually is a two page story

16)  Streetwise (7-00/TwoMorrows)

17)  Amazing World Of DC Comics #13 (10-76/DC) (vol.3, no.13) - dont have 
this but this is the info that I saw on eBay

18)  Guff! - feature Sergio's "Timoteo" -- cover colors done by Tom Luth

19)  Comic Book Artist #1 - features Joe Orlando interview with Sergio's 
"script" for a young romance story

20)  Big Book Of Grimm (1999/Paradox Press) features Sergio's "The Golden 
Goose" - you had this as Brothers Grimm book

21)  America's Best Comics Special #1 (2-01/America's Best Comics) - "The 
First American And U.S. Angel" art by Sergio story by Alan Moore

22)  Jingle Belle's All-Star Holiday Hullabaloo #1 (11-00/Oni Press) - 
"Belle's Belles" by Sergio and Mark with lettering by Stan

23)  Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #5 (1-03/America's Best Comics) -- "King 
Solomon Pines" art by Sergio story by Leah Moore

24)  Best Of DC Digest #1 (10-79/DC) (Sep-Oct 79) - Superman cartoon from 
Plop! #5 has Sergio's background cartoons; "Play The Graffiti Game With Superman" 
features 12 diff artists interpretation of Superman and Clark Kent - Sergio 
has Superman bald and Clark Kent looking like Alfred E. Neuman holding a 
Superman mask

25)  Flaxen #1 (1992) (Dark Horse/Golden Apple Comics) -- Sergio does a one 
page illustration gag featuring Flaxen featuring a illusration of himself in 
the scene

26)  Wizard #26 (10-93/Wizard Press) (vol.1, no.26) - Sergio talks about 
Mighty Magnor and Groo includes illustrations of Magnor, Groo and 3 marginals - 
contents has Magnor on there

27)  Comic Book Artist Collection (TwoMorrows) -- Vol.1/6-00 features issues 
1,2,3 -- Vol.2/5-02 features issues 5,6

28)  The Mighty I -- only 3 issues put out by Image:

            #1/May-Jun 95 - Mighty Magnor by Sergio and Mark
            #2/Jul-Aug 95 - Mighty Magnor illustrated by Valentino
            #3/Sep-Oct 95 - Mighty Magnor illustrated by Todd Neuck

29)  the following Malibu Comics feature a page of a four part Mighty Magnor 
story by Sergio and Mark:

     Part 1:  Sludge #1/10-93
     Part 2:  Hardcase #5/10-93
                 Night Man #1/10-93
                 Prime #5/10-93
     Part 3:  Freex #4/10-93
                 Prototype #3/10-93
                 Strangers #5/10-93
     Part 4:  Exiles #3/10-93
                 Firearm #2/10-93
                 Mantra ##4/10-93
                 Solution #2/10-93

Hope this helps you out Ruben!

Fernando Esparza
West Covina, California
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