[Groop]Sergio photo mosaik print

Ruben Arellano rarellano at shaw.ca
Thu May 29 21:55:19 PDT 2003

I received my limited edition Sergio Aragones photo poster the other 
day.  Here's the description from sergioaragones.com:

"Acclaimed photographer David Baker has created an awesome photo mosaic 
of Sergio and you can own a copy.  Sergio was photographed in his 
soon-to-be-vacated studio and then David fashioned over 90 of those 
photos into an 18" by 24" mosaic poster.  From afar, it looks like a 
picture of Sergio's face.  Up close, you see the images of him posing in 
his unnatural habitat.  Only 200 prints have been made and many are 
already gone or spoken-for.  Each poster is numbered, embossed with an 
authenticity stamp by the photographer, and then personally signed by 
Sergio. "

I have to say it is a really great print, and if any are left you had 
better get one today!


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