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> A few months ago I chanced upon an issue of Groo and I was hooked
> immediately. Since then I have spent hours obsessively

------------------------>Welcome to the group!  And kudos on de-lurking.  You 
discovered Groo a few months ago and now have just about all the idividual 
issues of Groo out there?  Perhaps, in reality you did not spend obsessed hours 
in your search. Seems to me, that the truth is that those hours were more of a 
dessesbo character.  Admirable!

Sorry I can't help you with any of the back issues.  I'm a one kept copy 
kinda guy.  By the way, a few items to add to your want list:  Pacific Comics Groo 
1-8; Destroyer Duck 5; Groo Special (Eclipse Comics)...

What else am I forgetting?

Anyhoo, welcome to the group.


p.s. ABC.  Easy as Groo-sa-gi...
p.p.s.  You looking to sue?  
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