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Mon Nov 3 20:02:04 PST 2003


    I just e-mailed Ashwan about doubles. I tend to buy lots of them whem I
see the book for a quarter or less. If anbody is looking for any check with
me. Two things though:

1. I'm out town for the next week (to Austin)
2. I'm not really organized, so they may 2 or 3 or several hundred different

John in RI
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> Hi all
> A few months ago I chanced upon an issue of Groo and I was hooked
> immediately. Since then I have spent hours obsessively on eBay trying to
> up all the issues I could find. In my searches on the 'net I also came
> across this groop and subscribed to it immediately. I've been lurking for
> couple of weeks, readings posts and today decided to finally pipe up!
> So, here goes, hi fellow groopies!!
> I've managed to buy up all the Dark Horse and Image Groos. I also got my
> cheese dip and mulch encrusted paws on the graphic novels and the Groo
> Chronicles. Now here's the shameless plea part... I have all the Epic
> except for the follow 103, 104, 110, 112, 113, 114, 116, 117, 118, 119,
> so if anyone has duplicates of these issues and is interested in selling
> them or knows of where I can get copies, I'd be their eternal groopie!! I
> did look on Mile High Comics but their prices for these issues are through
> the roof! :-(
> I spent a couple of weeks, falling behind on my research work and cutting
> classes just so I could finish reading all the Groo I had bought! :-) I
> loved Epic Groo #100 and it almost made me cry!
> <sniff> <sob>
> Well, nice to be part of the Groop... I hope to post more in future...
> Ashwan
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