[Groop] Heading to Austin

Chris Schechner chschechner at ev1.net
Mon Oct 27 19:53:14 PST 2003

>Hey folks,
>     Like Gary, I work a Tax Department (Rhode Island). Next week I'm 
>heading out to Austin, TX for work. I should have some extra time, 
>anybody have any sugestions. I hear Austin is hip town.

Two words:

Sixth Street

Well, actually more words. There's a place that I've never been to 
that's supposed to be really good. It's called Threadgill's. They're 
supposed to have great chicken fried steak (a Texas institution) and 
great music. From what I understand, famous musicians drop in. 
Another good place that I have been to is the Oasis. It's out on Lake 
Travis and has multi story decks/balconies on the west side so you 
can sit outside and watch the sunset over the lake while you eat. By 
all means, eat at a barbeque joint. Your stomach will thank you. If 
you're a literary sort, the Harry Ransom center at UT has some 
wonderful collections, including (my favorite) the Gernsheim 
Collection of original photos by Lewis Carroll. Have fun. It's a 
great town.

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