[Groop] RE: Lurking mode off

carl clippert at island.net
Thu Sep 11 16:20:29 PDT 2003

azamin wrote:
>  .. a lot of people had success in the field that they did not study...

Isaac Asimov worked in his father's confectionary shop(a) with a degree in
biochemistry(b) (while trying to study medicine). If a guy can sell candy
for his dad while studying medicine (a lollipop a day keeps the doctor
away?), and then go on to write science-based books for young readers(a+b)
(Robbie the robot, Lucky Starr, and 'How do we know about...?') then I'm
sure ANY job is appropriate for someone with education in computers. heck, I
left school (where I was becoming a teacher) to work as a
draughtsman/accountant/secretary/assistant/chauffer. . .

. . .for my dad.


(p.s. what kind of degree do you think sage holds?)

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