[Groop] Mulch (somewhat on-topic)

Jason Roberts cowmageddon at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 21 10:54:42 PDT 2003

--- Pengyfelix at aol.com wrote:
 US Patent Office's searchable patent database and
> found patent 6,241,575: 
> "Brassiere having integrated inflatable bladders for
> the holding of comestible 
> liquids."  Apparently, it is a bra with
> Capri-Sun-type pouches in the cups for 
> smuggling beverages into situations where they would
> be socially unacceptable. 
> Issues not addressed in the patent application:
> 1) How to keep beverage cold.
> 2)  Who might want to drink a beverage that has been
> warming up under 
> someone's blouse?
> 3)  What happens when you drink one cup empty and
> not the other?
> Janet
> Just trying to stimulate the discussion.  It's been
> a bit sparse lately.
> > _______________________________________________
well it'd keep chocolate drinks warm!

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