[Groop] Sergio came to Town!!

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
Tue Sep 23 22:07:41 PDT 2003

Hi Folks!

Well, Sergio was in Olympia yesterday and, of course, it was really, really
great!  I know I keep saying what a great guy he is, but, well, he's a great
guy!  So what else can I say?

In addition to comic book fans, a number of my friends who have wondered
about my little obsesss...hobby wanted to see and meet its source, so to
speak.  There was also a childhood friend of the Long Suffering Mrs. G. who
we had only recently learned was a Groo fan from the Pacific days.  She
seemed in a daze at actually meeting Sergio.   Sergio was his warm wonderful
self.  The man has enough charm for three people!!  He makes everyone feel
at ease.

Sergio commented afterward how much he enjoyed it.  Gabby, the store owner,
had set up a few little rows of chairs, which were filled with 25-30 people
when Sergio & I arrived.  We were late, of course.  I had taken Sergio to my
office so he could see my Groo-decorated cubicle and naturally he started
talking to one of my coworkers when she came over to introduce herself.
(I'd previously converted her into a Groo fan.)

Anywho, at Gabby's place, things started with a question and answer session.
Some folks had obviously come just to get things signed, but most were
really interested to here about how Sergio first thought of Groo, refused to
sell the rights to him, and then finally got started with Pacific.  He also
gave a description of how Groo is made and all the research that he does for
all the complicated drawings of ships, printing presses, and the like.

Then there was a nice steady, but never overly long line of folks. And
Sergio took the time to talk with everyone and tell stories about the
various comics (Groo & others) that people brought.  Many folks who weren't
in line just sat in the chairs and listened while he told these stories.  It
was just great!  Nobody got grumpy or anything.  Afterward, Sergio said how
a lot of times signings are like a "cattle call" and he doesn't really like
them, but this was a lot of fun because he got to really talk to folks.

Quite a bit of the time my daughter Claire was perched up on a chair next to
him.  They hit it off from the first time they met a couple years ago and he
is like a really cool uncle to her.  (She has no really cool real uncles.)

It was also really neat to see Ruben again for the first time in a few years
and also really cool to meet fellow Groopie, Tracy!!   Yes, our own Tracer
who was victim of an e-mail hacker who turned out to be a co-worker who is
now a former co-worker. (Yea!)  By the way, Tracy is in the security
business plus a couple law enforcement folks live on her block, so I'm
moving to that block so my Groo collection will be well protected!!

After the signing was over and we took Sergio back to his hotel I finally
got to meet Charlene. (Actually, I met her for a few seconds when I picked
up Sergio, but it was too short to count.)  She is such a wonderful, warm,
open person!!  I can see why, as Mark put it, "sparks flew" when they met.
They are quite a pair!!  She doesn't like cons and such for a number of
reasons, but I tell ya, if she was there, NO ONE would take advantage of
Sergio's generous nature. (Think Chakaal!)  She is just a kick and a really
cool, fun person.

OK, I've rambled long enough.  I've sort of in a daze myself.  It was an
amazing day.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Things have been too quiet.
Take care all -Gary G.

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