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Thu Dec 30 07:25:11 PST 2004

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azamin7 at yahoo.com writes:
>>larry did send the e-mail both to groop and to me
directly.  Maybe he sent it after you.  (maybe the
server was affected by the tsunami too :-) )<<

I think it is a problem with AOL.... Or as some users call it, AOHell. I've 
only seen Larry's post because you quoted it in your post, although I've seen 
messages from other Groopers. AOL is delaying or rejecting some of the Usenet 
posts on groups I "subscribed" to, as well-- again, I'm seeing some posts only 
because somebody else is replying to it. Probably I'll get a months worth of 
"missing" posts all at once, 3 copies of each, in no particular order....
I think AOL may be blocking email from certain servers, as well... even 
though I have put some of the users on an "approved" list. 

They'd probably like to blame it on the tsunami, but unless they've moved a 
lot more than their "customer service" department to India, I don't think they 

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