[Groop] Top Posters of 2003

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Billy Fred Greg Bob,
Profound apologies for my unconscionable oversight.  In a feeble attempt to
make up for it, I hereby give you one of the sought after numbers of all
time:  42.    -Gary G.  

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I refuse to answer this on the grounds that Gary didn't even give me a
number !

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From: Gary  <mailto:grossfam at olywa.net> Grossmann 
2.  Chad wrote: > Well, I (for one) have never been so ashamed of myself. 
Ah, Chad.  That's your problem.  The key to being a top poster is having no
shame whatsoever, as any fool can plainly see!    
"Bob" wrote: > Did someone say other side of the planet . . . . . . . . 
"what camels ?"
Greg, or, uh, Bob, Azamin is on the other other side of the world.  That's
right. From the steamy cheap comic book paper eating jungles of Malaysia to
the no boobs allowed by the government desert heat of Saudi Arabia, Groo
Fans are everywhere!!!  And Greg, why is your e-mail name "Bob?"  
3.  As for the "Top Poster," well, the promo posters are great, but it's
hard to beat the only mass market Groo poster with it's 171 

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