[Groop] Top Posters of 2003

azamin zainol abidin azamin7 at pd.jaring.my
Mon Jan 5 23:53:09 PST 2004

 Gary Grossmann wrote:
1.  Azamin wrote:  > arghhhhhh number 10.....????  Oh my god... I'm
grooed... I don't have enough money to go to SDCC....... I have classes
to attend...  is there anybody who want to go to SDCC... ? are you
willing to take my spot at
number 10...? please... anybody.... help me
Hey Azamin!  I have a better idea.  Send a picture of yourself we can blow
up and paste onto a cardboard cut out.  I will personally carry it around
this year's SDCC so that you WILL be there.  (Azamin will always be a Top
5 Grooper Trooper in my book no matter how many posts he has.)  
Thanks Gary.. you can say "Hi" for me to all the Groo crew... that ould be
enough.. :)
BTW. those who want to go to the SDCC but not in the top 10 posters.. you
can take my place at number 10...
"Bob" wrote: > Did someone say other side of the planet . . . . . . . .
"what camels ?"
Greg, or, uh, Bob, Azamin is on the other other side of the world.  That's
right. From the steamy cheap comic book paper eating jungles of Malaysia
to the no boobs allowed by the government desert heat of Saudi Arabia,
Groo Fans are everywhere!!!  And Greg, why is your e-mail name "Bob?" 
GMT + 3?, Grooless?, Saudi Arabia..?..  hey!!  that sounds familiar... but
how can his name changed to Bob..? maybe the name changed because people
keep confused between Greg and Craig ...
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