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MessageActually my first year at Uni I played a game of D&D (That's not a swearword Eric) as I had heard of it and yet did not know anything about it. - Computer Science major - I know.

Anyway the other players had called their characters the likes of "Shadowsun Dreamweaver" etc which sounded rather spak and all, so I called my character "Bob" as a contrast and piss-take. It really wound them up   :o)    anyway they forgot my real name as they had called me Greg once and Bob for the rest of the day, so comes the next session a week later they looked for me in the halls of residence and strolled around calling out "Bob" to find me "anyone seen Bob"

So I eventually saw them, said Hiya and wandered off to play again. They thought I was called bob and so called me Bob. My fellow tenants at the halls of residence (frat type thingy) thought my name was Bob as I answered to it and all my "friends" called me it, so they \called me it.

Soon everyone I knew at Uni called me Bob - including my parents and family as if they asked for Greg on the phone they got hung up on - "Nope - no Greg's here"


My wife and her parents only knew me as Bob up until we got engaged (well my wife to be knew I was a Greg - but she wanted the priest to marry us as Bob and Sue)

I feel that Bob is better environmentally as it has only 2 letters (albeit one repeated) which is shorter than Greg and so saves Trees. By the time I die a small bush worth of paper need not have been cut down to be used as paper to write my name. (25% savings)

Just think if Gary went by the name of Des (Dessesbo) then he can also likewise save 25% paper usage.

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  Billy Fred Greg Bob,

  Profound apologies for my unconscionable oversight.  In a feeble attempt to make up for it, I hereby give you one of the sought after numbers of all time:  42.    -Gary G.  
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