[Groop] Dire Straits, Groop Membership and Other Stuff

John T Comics230 at cox.net
Sun Jan 25 08:52:52 PST 2004


I am in need of Groo #109. It seems to be missing. I may never have had it. Please Help!

By the way, I was cleaning up my hard drive, which has stuff from two previous hard drives, and I came across a note to Nate that was date May 4th, 1998. Since, I only know Nate from the Groop, though we were both in RI, I was member in 1998. (It was about The Whole Enchilada #2)

Also, If you get a chance to pick up Heroes Anonymous: Session 3 by Scott Gimple and Bill Morrison, published by Bongo, do so. I think most of Groop would like it.

John "the Inventorier" Torregrossa
Member since 1998
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