[Groop] Dave Cockrum

E C mightyhero at go.com
Sun Jan 25 14:10:47 PST 2004

In addition to Julius Schwartz, Dave Cockrum (of
X-Men fame) is also dealing with health problems.
Elayne Riggs sent the message attached below to
the comicart-l mailing list, saying that Dave wel-
comes visitors and phone calls from fans if you're
in the area.


From:   "elayneriggs" <elayneriggs at y...> 
Date:  Sat Jan 24, 2004  7:11 am
Subject:  Dave Cockrum Update 
Visited Dave in the hospital yesterday, and wrote about it on my
weblog (http://elayneriggs.blogspot.com) if anyone wants to get up to
speed on Dave's condition (he very much welcomes visitors and short
phone calls!), the tribute book and auction Cliff Meth's putting
together, etc. Also, if anyone's at the Big Apple Con this weekend,
look for Ken Gale, who will have a card for Dave where people can
sign and/or sketch their get-well wishes.

- Elayne

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