[Groop] Happy B-Day to the LSMG

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
Sun Jan 25 22:07:12 PST 2004

Hi Folks!

Today is the 50th birthday of the Long Suffering Mrs. G. Yes, this is the
same woman who was at the Con with me and doesn't look a day over 40 (and
doesn't even dye her hair.)

Yesterday we had a rather large group of folks, many of whom did not know
each other, over for a party that Becky decided to throw for herself,.  It
was a lot of fun and one of the rooms that people spent a lot of time in was
the family room, aka The Groo Room.  It's amazing how much conversation was
generated by the fact that the walls are virtually covered with over 150
Groo comic books and various posters and the like.  Imagine that!

One of the people there was the childhood friend of Becky who we had only
recently found out was Groo fan from back in the Pacific days and who had
come up to meet Sergio in September.  She still couldn't believe she had met
him and what a wonderful person he is and spent quite a bit of time looking
at all the comic books on the walls.  At one point The Long Suffering Mrs.
G. came up to me and said "She's one of you!"

Anywho, a good time was had by all and now all of The Long Suffering Mrs.
G.'s friends who thought she was married to a saw-off, bald & gray state
bureaucrat know that she is, in reality, married to a sawed-off, bald & gray

Take care all -Gary "It's only a hobby. (Yeah, right!)" Grossmann

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