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> I think it's like if I have a Groo comic, I can pass it around to a bunch 
> of
> friends to read and then sell it for $30 over the cover price on ebay so
> that 25 people who might have purchased a copy did not plus I made $30 bucks
> while Sergio &Mark make 30 cents and all of that is OK.   
> But if I make a copy of that Groo comic and try to sell it for 30 cents,
> Sergio and Mark could sue my butt off. And I believe that even if I don't
> try to sell it for 30 cents, but just give away the copy I made, I could
> still get my butt sued off. And putting something up on the web for others
> to read is not like passing a comic around, it's like making a copy. (I
> think.)  Isn't that what the whole Napster debate was about?  

Yes, if one is talking about NEW products, the above applies.

But, by these measures, there would be opposition to comic book stores that 
sell back issues.  Also used record stores.  These are outlets in which the 
money collected does not go towards the original artists.


not trying to rob anyone of proper profits,
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