[Groop] Groo... What pirates? (File Sharing)

Azamin \ Cantona Zainol Abidin azamin7 at pd.jaring.my
Thu Jan 29 02:43:24 PST 2004

Well.. what if for the comming Groo mini series (12 as what Mark told us), there
is a  3-4 pages of the comic book in pdf format.. it can be from the  first
pages or most exciting part of the new release/soon to be release Groo comic
book.  The last page of the pdf file can be the information about the comic book
such as release date and other informations.  Let it be available for download
from Mark's web sites and free to be distributed on the internet.  This will be
as same as what we have for movies where they have teasers for the movies
available for download... maybe by this way, we can have more Groo fans and more
groo comic book will be sold... the concept is to generate the hype and
publicity of the Groo comic book next release...

"Grossmann, Gary" wrote:
Of course, then it comes down to whether Mark and Sergio care.  Maybe they

> don't if it's a 15 year old Groo comic that's already been reprinted.  That
> could even be looked at as good advertising for future Groos.  But what if
> they think it's not worth the bad precedent.  Or what if it's a Groo comic
> that hasn't been reprinted yet.  And what if it's a Groo comic that has just
> come out?
> I think the bottom line is:  When in doubt, ask permission. It's just the
> polite, respectful thing to do regardless of the legalities.
> Anywho that's my two cents.  -Gary G.  (Who still hasn't re-asked for the
> permission Larry got to use a little Groo art on the membership cards.)

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