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  I lost "Lost" after 3 hours.  Too slow, too contrived, too unworth the
  I got hooked on Desperate Housewives because ABC carefully extracted the
best parts of Sex In the City (hot women), Six Feet Under (dead person in
first episode), and Sopranos (witness protection?) and broadcast them on
Sunday night while HBO is in a Sunday slump.  You have to TiVo out the
commercials to make it worth watching.

  In case anyone is interested in MAD trivia with 6 degrees of separation
from GROO, here it is.
In 1983 HBO bought a 3-show pilot called The Hitchhiker.  I recognized that
the 3 stories were stolen from Tales From the Crypt comic stories with very
similar titles.  I wrote to tell Bill Gaines about it and he responded with
a letter that indicated that he was part of the deal, but disliked the way
the stories were presented so he withdrew his permission to use the stories.
After some pleading by the producer, he agreed to let the pilot be shown
with no credits to him or EC Comics.  The Hitchhiker went on to be a
successful series with other stories and in 1990 HBO finally decided to do
Tales from the Crypt the right way.  Those "pilot" stories were not included
on the DVD package of The Hitchhiker - the first season.  But, they are now
included on a Canadian 3-DVD package that is available as "The First Season"
(actually 3 US seasons) from Canadian sellers on ebay.

Gene P

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> Thought Id start a new thread.
> What television shows are everyone watching?
> New shows Im a big fan of:  Lost, and Rescue Me (love Denis Leary--The Job
> was hilarious).
> J
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