[Groop] Greek Groo Appearance

Martin Kranwetvogel mkranwet at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 19 02:51:49 PST 2004

Hi Groop,

Maybe I've got some news for you! By accidance I found a Groo fan in
Greece, and he told me about some Groo appearances in a Greek magazine.
Here's the original information:

> Groo has never been published as an independent edition in Greece.
> However, in the last three years, Groo has made an appearance in the
> most popular monthly Disney comic in Greece, KOMIX, which has reprinted
> a Groo story, as well as Sergio Aragones' Space Circus, in 4 of its
> issues. You can check out KOMIX, as well as the other Greek Disney
> editions at Arthur's great website (http://www.wolfstad.com/dcw/). It is
> interesting that, even though I was personally delighted (since I
> collect all things Grooish), most of the readers of KOMIX found that
> move appalling, since they consider anything printed in the magazine
> other than Carl Barks or Don Rosa stories as sacrilege!
> I am sure that, if you are interested, I can easily find one or more of
> these back issues (around 2001 or 2002, if I remember correctly) and
> send them to you.

See: Greece is always good for a holiday!



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