[Groop] Mid-Ohio Con Report

Pengyfelix at aol.com Pengyfelix at aol.com
Sun Nov 28 14:14:53 PST 2004

Just got back from Mid-Ohio Con.  Yes, that was me dressed as Chakaal 
Saturday.  I have learned something very important:  Groo lives somewhere warm, 
unlike Ohio at the end of November.

First thing Saturday, we made our way over to Sergio's booth, and we were in 
line behind maybe three or four other people.  The look on Sergio's face when 
he glanced up to see Chakaal standing in line was absolutely priceless!  He 
took some pictures of me, then we got a group shot of me as Chakaal, him, and 
Elie.  I'll try to figure out how to post them to my blog (Blogger does not 
provide image hosting, but apparently there is a way to get around that), and send 
a message when I get that all sorted and a photo posted.  Unfortunately, 
Saturday morning, I forgot to put the silver ball earrings in (actually baubles 
salvaged from a holiday floral centerpiece my boss sent me last year), so I 
don't have the earrings in the pictures with Sergio.

Some non-interesting non-Sergio-related stuff happened (I was none to 
impressed with John Byrne's utter lack of interest when we got a book signed).  This 
morning, we went back to Sergio's booth because I had not yet thanked him for 
his participation in my birthday present, the Penguins of All Groo Crew.  
Tried to buy a magnet from him.  We thought we had the full set of magnets, but lo 
and behold, he was selling the three we have (Groo and Rufferto, Rufferto, 
and the group shot), plus the Sergio magnet, which we did not have.  Like I 
said, we tried to buy one of the Sergio magnets.  He had none of it, and gave it 
to us for free (and believe me, we tried to pay).

Then a little more non-interesting non-Sergio-related stuff happened, and we 
came back home.


Check out Penguin Perspectives, http://www.janetharriett.blogspot.com/
And, just for November, http://www.teslaspigeons.blogspot.com/, excerpts from 
my NaNoWriMo project. 
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