[Groop] quick mid ohio con report

Larry Steller mrgrooism at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 28 19:44:07 PST 2004

--- sean ferris <seanferris at optonline.net> wrote:

> OMG I survived driving 1000 miles in under a day... from NJ to the
> con and back in about 23 hours...


Good thing I couldn't make the trip with you, or you would have missed
the Groo Panel!

> But I did get John Byrnes auto on my poster...I saw Sergio right
> after that and he was happy that it was finally finished after 10 or
> so years...

Did you tell Mr. Miller, I'm sorry, Mr. Byrne what you went through to
get the signature? What was his comment?

> HEY LARRY...Sergio said he will be in NY in April!!! (looks like the
> 2nd and 3rd.) make sure you have Sat. off!!!!!  You have plenty of
> notice...

Ohhh yeah, I'll be there! Maybe this time Lia can take us to Shopsins
for lunch and we'll actually get there (I've finally been there thrice,
it's as much fun as she says).

Once we have con details we'll throw it out to the Groop, unless Sean
already has the details?


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