[Groop] Gary G.'s Con Report Day One

Azamin azamin7 at pd.jaring.my
Wed Aug 3 19:36:49 PDT 2005

well.. Groo caused the flight delay so that both of you arrive at the 
same time....  :)


>>"Hi, I need to check in, my name is..." Larry started.
>>"LARRY!!!" shouted roommate Gary Grossmann, who only arrived 30 seconds
>>after him!  WHAT TIMING!
>>Gary started to complain that his plane was delayed 20 minutes, but you
>>know, Larry IS Mister Grooism for a reason!
>I am always VERY impatient to get to the Con (I'm sure you're all shocked to
>hear that!) and so a few minor delays had me a little on edge.  But when I
>heard about Larry's problems I felt very embarassed about being a little mad
>about getting there a half hour or so later than I expected.  It worked out
>great.  (For me, not for Larry.)

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