[Groop] Gary G's Con Report Day Three (Last Day)

Azamin azamin7 at pd.jaring.my
Wed Aug 3 20:15:40 PDT 2005


>Hi Folks!
>OK, if you just read what I write, you might think that the Con consists of
>Sergio's table and few other things.  But that's just because I'm strange,
>even by Con attendee standards.  The Con is unbelievably HUGE!!!!  The
>convention center has got to be three football fields long.   Any area of
>interest you have in comics, cartoons, fantasy, sci-fi and stuff like that
>is there.  Someday I'm going to get to WonderCon, which many people prefer
>because it's smaller.
is it the biggest comic convention in the world...?? I heard it is...

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