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>>P.P.S.- how much does a Con trip typically cost, anyways?<<

Wellllll... it's going to depend a lot on how much it takes to get TO the 
Con. After that, there's lodging, which is going to depend on how many stars your 
hotel/motel has and how many roommates you get. Then there is transportation 
to/from the Con from/to your chosen lodging, and if you're driving, the 
parking fee ($8/day if you get to the Convention center early enough, up to $20 in 
lots semi-within walking distance from the Con). Food-- if you are willing and 
able to walk a few blocks, there's a grocery store at which you can get 
reasonably healthy and good food at reasonable prices, and a wide variety of 
restaurants; I don't recommend the food at the Con itself ($3 for a bottle of 
water....). Cost for the Con membership varies, depending on how soon you buy your 
pass-- full price, for all 4 days + preview night is about $60 (I think...); 
I've been working as a volunteer the last couple of times, so I get in "free" 
(get a free T-shirt, too).

Then, there's the Con itself... the "Dealers' Room".... The first time, it 
probably would be best to leave the credit card at home, and just bring as much 
cash as you can afford to spend... unless, like Gary, you take out a loan 
before coming. Figure about $15 each (printing costs are rising) for any of the 
Groo graphic novels you don't have... Sergio will gladly autograph them, and 
even includes a little sketch; tell him you're a Grooper from the Far North, and 
he may even draw Groo in a Mountie uniform....

"God may be One, but God loves diversity". Horaku
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