[Groop] Groo sighting...

ratcrtur at hotmail.com ratcrtur at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 22:10:36 PDT 2005

Hey Groop,

I have been a lurker for soooooo many years..... I felt that it was finally 
time for me to write. I hope no one has posted this yet........ As I was 
looking at my newly bought and nicely designed "Weird Tales of the Ramones" 
box set, I turn to page 32 of the comic that is included with the box set to 
look at Sergio's illustration. And what do I see?  Groo moshing (mulching) 
it up in the crowd as the Ramones play on stage. Sergio did an excellent 
tribute to an excellent band.

Jack (Gabba Gabba Hey) Gray
A lurker no more.......sniff.....sniff.....sob.

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