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Okay, I should've read the replies before sending one myself, but upon 
looking at the Dark Horse website I see that they are still selling 
the PVC minatures as well as the lunchbox for anyone who is 
interested.  I also found they have a Groo screen saver to download 
which appears to have a slide show of several of the mini series 
covers (I saw Groo & Rufferto and the beginning of another one).  I 
just did a search for Groo and there was a link for it for both PC and 
Mac (in case you have problems finding it).

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> >Wha!?!
> >OK, now here go the questions:
> >What are they?
> they appear to be the "classic comic characters" / "classic comic 
> characters" statues made by yoe! studio.  these statues are limited
> editions (but the number of statues made varies with the character).
> they're approximately 5 inches tall, and comes with a button, book-
> let, and tin box.  usually priced at $49.95.
> usually don't have to worry about their availability.  budplant.com
> sells them.  tfaw (things from another world -- dark horse's store)
> also sells them.  the groo statue hasn't been released yet.
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