[Groop] TFAW Groo PVC Figures

Finn Smith mulch3 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 23 20:40:07 PDT 2005

A short time ago I ordered the Groo PVC figures from TFAW because they were 
considerably marked down in price.  I've never thought they were very good 
likenesses of Sergio's characters (Yes, I know that Sergio approved them), 
but I'm a completist and must have all things Groo.  I can't wait until 
someone produces a REALLY good sculpt of the groo characters - something on 
par with those muppet busts that Sideshow Weta produced a while back!

My seven-year old daughter is hungrily devouring the Groo Houndbook now.  
She started with the Groo Adventurer yesterday . . .


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