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Stray Toaster groo at stray-toaster.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 11:23:11 PDT 2005

Hi all.
I am giving a wee talk to a group of geeks next week [0], and thought it
prudent that I prepare myself. And as with all these things, it is
probably best I prepare. But as everyone else there is going to be
cleverer than me, I shall blind them with pictures and gags. To this
end, I was wondering whom I should ask for permission to use a groo
panel. I wouldn't like to just *use* it, as, well, copyright and all
that, but also I don't want to feel I have done something against Groo.
*gulp* I have already scanned the pic I want to use [1]
Can I get permission to use this at a conference? From whom do I get
such permission? Need it be written? (Bit late for that now...) Fear of
lawyers is a very modern allergy. If fear is an allergy. OK, so I have
more a fear than an allergy of them, as I don't sneeze when around them.
Not deliberately, anyway. I digress.
Has anyone done such a thing before? Tis only a wee talk, only by wee
me, in a foreign land. What are the chances of anything bad happening?
[0] http://braga.yapceurope.org/index.cgi?YAPC::EU::2005
[1] http://www.stray-toaster.co.uk/jpgs/groo.gif [2]
[2] Oh dear, it is already there, me bad.
[3] Ah, Groo is involved, chances increase.
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