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The language "Aragonese" is the official name of a regional dialect in Spain.  Essentially the language of the "Aragon" region of Spain.  

You can read more at:


Spain has 15 languages, although 2 of them are extinct.  And you thought they all spoke Spanish!


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Date: Sunday, February 27, 2005 7:37 am
Subject: [Groop] The Groopedia..

> Hello Groopsters!
> Last night I decided to test out installing a "wiki", so I set one 
> up for 
> Groo at http://wiki.groo.com/
> A "wiki" is a sort of "public knowledgebase" where _any_ visitor 
> can 
> create and edit articles. The most famous wiki is probably 
> http://www.wikipedia.org/ the free encyclopedia (interesting tid-
> bit.. 
> they have a wikipedia in "Aragonés", which I guess is a language?! 
> See 
> http://an.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portalada). The wikipedia in fact 
> already has 
> a pretty good page about Groo: 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groo_the_Wanderer
> Assuming Mark and Sergio don't mind, maybe we could all contribute 
> to 
> making an "unofficial groopedia" with all Groo-related info there 
> is! In 
> case you haven't noticed, I haven't been especially good about 
> updating 
> groo.com.. I'm hoping this will be a way to create and keep a 
> central Groo 
> information repository and keep it up-to-date forever!
> Check it out, and any time you'd like, edit/create some articles!
> http://wiki.groo.com/
> josh!
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