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Philippe 'BooK' Bruhat philippe.bruhat at free.fr
Sun Feb 27 23:41:30 PST 2005

Le dimanche 27 février 2005 à 07:37, Josh 'Wet Exit' Jones écrivait:
> Last night I decided to test out installing a "wiki", so I set one up for 
> Groo at http://wiki.groo.com/
> A "wiki" is a sort of "public knowledgebase" where _any_ visitor can 
> create and edit articles.

Be careful about wiki spam, though. Since it is editable by anyone, do
not doubt the spammers will join in a post useful information about their
marvelous products in oriental languages most of us do not understand.
(which proves they *will* err on the Groo web page, honor is safe).

 Philippe "BooK" Bruhat

 No matter how you dress a cow, it still gives milk.
                                    (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #46 (Epic))

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