[Groop] Acme::MetaSyntactic::groo

Philippe 'BooK' Bruhat philippe.bruhat at free.fr
Sun Jun 19 16:43:10 PDT 2005


For a few months now, as my Perl developer alter-ego, I've been putting
out a weekly release of my (joke) Perl module Acme::MetaSyntactic.

To make a long story short, it's a module that provides lots of lists.
The goal is to ease the work of Perl programmers by giving them random
variable names to use in their programs, rather than letting them use
and re-use boring names such as foo, bar and baz.

I started with the sound effects from the 60's Batman serial, and promptly
moved on a weekly release rate (I plan to go at least up to version 1.00,
which means about 107 different lists). You'll notice that Don Martin
is also among the themes.

Version 0.27 features the Acme::MetaSyntactic::groo list. This list
is by far not complete, and I'll need some help to enhance it. Do not
hesitate to send me patches.

You can have a look at the module source code and documentation at


PS: If you like Don Martin, you should also check out this other joke
    module, Acme::DonMartin: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Acme-DonMartin/

 Philippe "BooK" Bruhat

 The worst curses in the world are boils, pestilence and having partners
 (not necessarily in that order). (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #6 (Pacific))

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