[Groop] katrina and Taylor Katherine

Chris Schechner chschechner at ev1.net
Wed Sep 7 16:24:40 PDT 2005

Congratulations! She can grow up hearing about the storm that blew her into
the world.

We have lots of exiles up here in the Dallas area. Churches, civic
organizations, and hotels are all working hard to help these folks out. A
group I work with through my church was having a seminar this past weekend
at a hotel, so we threw a party, spur of the moment, for anyone who was
staying there, to let them have some fun and get some free food. Quite a few
showed up.


on 9/7/05 3:06 PM, Shawn Moore at uslgrad at hotmail.com wrote:

> We are in Lafayette, Louisiana, 120 miles east of New Orleans.  We got an
> inch of rain, 31mph winds, and alotta relatives for an extended visit.  All
> electricals are operational.  Lafayettes population is about double right
> now.  We also got a new groo fan born Friday, Miss Taylor Katherine Moore.
> She is doing well so far, we're through all the pacific comics and the
> chronicles reading to her, about to start reading the marvel issues.
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