[Groop] A Cry for Help

John T Comics230 at cox.net
Thu Apr 13 19:32:48 PDT 2006

If memory serves me correctly (and it doesn't always) didn't we (the Groop not really me) once write our own Groo story. One person started it and passed it on. Is it still out there in cyberspace? Did Nate eat the Whole Enchilada? Who collected Daredevil? I remember a trip to the Museum of Sequencal Art in Northampton, MA. Was that Eastman or Laird? They had Godzilla show there one, Bob Eggleton gave a talk. Godzilla number 2 was the first comic I ever collected for real. I bought it at the newsstand at the corner of Chalkstone and Academy Aves. They used to take bets there. I largest bet I ever made was $50 on the Super Bowl XX. I bet on the Patriots and lost. I did however come close to winning $4 million and $2 million dollars on the lottery. I missed by one number each time. I won $400 and $100 respectively. That really sucks! (Pardon my French!) Although I took Italian not French in school. 7 years of it and last name that ends in vowel and I can barely say two words. Did you know that bears in the artic circle are endangered because of the ice melt? We (in America) should start using alternative sources of energy. I would like to see Barack Obama run for president some day. Leadership is quality sorely lacking in our leaders today. I read something about Malaysia the other day, but can't remember what. I've changed my nickname.

John 'Necro' T
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